How do high-performance sintered NdFeB manufacturers ensure the quality of NdFeB magnetic materials?

March 11, 2020

In recent years, the extensive development of NdFeB material products, NdFeB material as a high-tech product is widely used in a variety of industries, especially magnetic levitation industry, electronic and digital products and other facilities. There are also many different brands of manufacturers, how to judge the quality of NdFeB magnetic material? . High-performance sintered NdFeB manufacturers tell you that you should judge from the performance of the magnet, size, coating three aspects....

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The strength of the orientation field of NdFeB magnet is very important

March 10, 2020

Orientation of NdFeB magnet: The magnetic properties of sintered NdFeB permanent magnets mainly come from the basic phase of Nd2Fe14B with a tetragonal structure. It is a uniaxial crystal, C axis is easy to magnetize axis, A axis difficult to magnetize.

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Characteristic analysis of rare earth permanent magnet sintered ndFeB and samarium cobalt

March 8, 2020

Permanent magnet motors are widely used, but how many people know the category of permanent magnet materials? The characteristics and advantages of different permanent magnet materials? Selection for different environments and applications? This paper is based on such a starting point, the permanent magnetic materials, especially "NdFeB and Samarium Co" rare earth permanent magnetic, do some characteristics analysis.

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