The strength of the orientation field of NdFeB magnet is very important

Orientation of NdFeB magnet: The magnetic properties of sintered NdFeB permanent magnets mainly come from the basic phase of Nd2Fe14B with a tetragonal structure. It is a uniaxial crystal, C axis is easy to magnetize axis, A axis difficult to magnetize.

As for NdFeB crystal, the orientation of NdFeB magnet has a significant effect on its remanence Br and magnetic energy product (Bh) M, so the powder magnetic field orientation is one of the key technologies to manufacture high-performance sintered NdFeB permanent magnets. The crystal orientation degree of NdFeB permanent magnet is affected by many factors, such as the strength of the orientation magnetic field of NdFeB magnet, the shape and size of the powder particles, the molding method, the relative direction of the orientation field and the molding pressure, and the feeding density of the powder oriented by NdFeB magnet, among which the intensity of the orientation field is very important.

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