How do high-performance sintered NdFeB manufacturers ensure the quality of NdFeB magnetic materials?

In recent years, the extensive development of NdFeB material products, NdFeB material as a high-tech product is widely used in a variety of industries, especially magnetic levitation industry, electronic and digital products and other facilities. There are also many different brands of manufacturers, how to judge the quality of NdFeB magnetic material? . High-performance sintered NdFeB manufacturers tell you that you should judge from the performance of the magnet, size, coating three aspects.

High-performance sintered NdFeB manufacturers control the production of raw materials to ensure the performance of magnets

First consider whether the raw materials of high performance sintered ndfeb manufacturers use in line with national standards, the second consider magnets, advanced production technology, is currently the most advanced technology scales ingot casting technology, hydrogen crushing technology and airflow grinding technology, and then consider whether to adopt two pressing molding in the final production quality monitoring, in the process of using the PFM can effectively detect.

High-performance sintered NdFeB manufacturers processing strength to ensure the size of the magnet

There are various shapes of magnets and different sizes of iron for different shapes of magnets. Generally, it is difficult to molding at a time of production, and it is necessary to go through cutting production and other processes. The size of a high quality magnet also has a great impact, and the size of the magnet depends on the processing strength of the factory. Because only in this way can we continue to meet customer needs at the same time, but also save manpower and material resources, so that the enterprise more competitive.

High performance sintered NdFeB manufacturers coating quality determines the life of the magnet

A magnet without coating will have a 20-30 year life at 51 ° C in air at 150 ° C and must be coated on the surface. The prior art is generally to coat the surface of the magnet with an insulating film to prevent the environment from corroding the magnet. Now is generally the use of nickel copper and other chemicals to coating, but in some special cases using phosphating means to deal with. Choose coating process according to customer's product working environment.

To sum up, to judge the quality of NdFeB magnetic material, it is necessary to understand the production process of the manufacturer, especially the performance, size, coating and other aspects of the product.

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